Investing in your health

It’s a well-known and accepted fact that the best time to plant a tree was twenty-years ago! It’s easy to look back and wish we’d started or learnt something years previously, being able to see how it could have benefited us in the long run. It follows, then, that if we didn’t start something years ago, and we wish we had… the second-best time to start is now. This is how we start to create and regain some control over our future.

Planning for our future is a proactive step we need to take… FOR our future.

When it comes to our health, it’s no different. Every decision we make today needs to affect our health positively down the road. Adopting healthier lifestyle habits now, for a healthier and longer life in the future, is an easy-ish first step.

See it as investing in your health for a healthier future. Here are some of the ways we can invest in our health for the future.

1. Keep your mind healthy with positive challenges and new skills

A healthy mind keeps our body healthy. Reading new books and researching different topics is a good mental exercise and in the process we attain new insights, challenging how and what we think.

We can also keep our minds healthier by adopting a positive, solution-based outlook on life. Instead of stressing about our problems, we can shift our focus to creating new solutions and building a robust foundation for tackling life’s challenges.

Lifestyle goals are important in terms of what our mind processes. Visualize a future that brings positive thoughts for our mind. Challenge yourself, learn a new language, learn new skills and develop yourself emotionally, relationally and spiritually.

2. Keep your body healthy by eating and exercising properly

Investing our money on high quality nutritional foods as well as investing our time in regular exercise is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and having a healthier body for the years ahead.

When it comes to eating, it’s often more about improving our mindfulness and preparing our meals ahead of time. Bad eating habits are often formed because we don’t pay enough attention to what we’re eating or leave meal preparation to the last-minute and make choices based on ease rather than on nutritional benefit.

Improving our exercise routine works best when we set smaller, achievable goals. If you push yourself too much in the first week, you will crash into a painful heap and discard your fresh goals for comfortable, pain-free habits.

3. Keep your soul healthy by respecting and loving yourself

A healthy soul is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

This begins by respecting and loving ourselves. Setting powerful and engaging goals for our future is a motivating way to start practicing self-respect and self-love, not limiting our possibilities and acknowledging our potential is exciting and enriching!

Your own opinion of yourself needs to be positive; for your confidence, for your soul, for your health!

Investing in our health has to be approached by considering our whole self: body, mind and soul. It’s an important challenge that we need to give ourselves in order to reap the benefits in 10, 20 or 40 years time!

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