Choose a fresh focus when facing change

We often dread a part of our lives coming to an end, perhaps focusing on all we are losing. What if we could rather look with different eyes and see, not a finish line, but a bend, a start in a new direction? 

It has been over a year since I have been able to see my clients, and I have missed that contact.  I have realised anew how valuable my relationships are. My longing for those comfortable personal chats and catch-up coffees reminded me that we sometimes need to focus on what we are missing in our lives. I certainly felt the gap in my sense of purpose in serving my clients … the reason why I entered this profession as a financial planner. 

Over the years, my transitions have allowed me to re-engineer and re-invent myself through difficult circumstances! This has armed me with knowledge that has matured into wisdom, and I’d love to share this resilience experience with you.

Being a financial planner appealed to me because it allowed me to combine two of my life loves:  planning for a secure financial future and helping people. 

The first of these – enough money for peace of mind – emerged from personal circumstances. The second has been who I am for as long as I can remember: having compassion for others means assisting them practically whenever they have needed support. This is how we bring the human side to our money.

Renewed purpose in a new direction

When I became the first Certified Financial Transitionist™ in South Africa, it was with the firm intention to help my clients through transitions of their own:  to dream bigger, to see more future possibilities, to foster hope and to see the meaning in each of the experiences they have been through. 

That remains my purpose, and I bring with it my experience as a Certified Financial Planner®. I want my clients to know that they and their finances are safe with me, and, as they face transitions, I am their guide, leading them to a firm place.

As we emerge from a global pandemic, the message for all of us is:  focus on the important things and question everything you do. 

My own WHY has been a compass in my decision-making process, and I measure everything against how best to serve my clients, with the values of care, communication and the most successful outcome.

Still my True North

What is unchanged is my commitment to my clients and their financial well-being. 

Let’s embrace the power that change has to help us make more meaningful decisions. Doing this can grow confidence and calm in the year to come.

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Creating a safe space to manage life’s transitions.