2022 has a hopeful view

There are few things in this world that give me as much pleasure as watching a majestic sun gently sinking into the chirruping bush.

It is no surprise then, as the year draws to a close, that my intuitive internal compass directs me to where I always find peace and joy – the untamed beauty of South Africa’s wilderness.

Re-energised, I begin to anticipate a new year full of possibilities and opportunities.

I can’t imagine a better mantra for me for 2022 than the words of writer Mark Twain:

Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

I know, as someone who has chosen to undergo a recent and life-changing transition, that exploring and dreaming takes courage and intention. It takes time to consider what you really want for your life – because change doesn’t happen unless you change it!

A hopeful view of 2022 is a choice, a decision that each of us can make. The truth is that nothing changes unless we change it.

Sometimes life forces us to make a shift, often when we least expect it. It comes in the guise of a career or relationship change, a fresh journey, or a sad loss. In each of these circumstances, we have a choice to make.

The word ‘crisis’ contains, in its original meaning, the idea of a decision. Every crisis offers us the opportunity to pause, reflect and decide – either to continue our current path or to explore and discover new ones.

The fact that we can direct the course of our lives has been the focus of my training as a Certified Financial Transitionist™. Every transition contains myriad opportunities and having the confidence to change means getting your head around the shift and setting yourself up for a positive future.

After many years in this career, I can confidently say I have perfected the financial planning process. But I realised I wanted more for my clients. I reached a crisis point in my career and knew that it would take courage to make a change … and here I am, six months later, absolutely convinced that I am ideally positioned better to serve my clients and their needs.

Let’s do that together. Breathe deeply; move out of the safety of your familiar harbour. Feel the wind of anticipation fill your sails … and choose to enter 2022 with hope.

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