Financial Transitions Planning

When money changes life changes,
and, when life changes, money changes.
- Susan Bradley

The most important legacy you can leave is knowing your true self and loving others the way you love yourself. This, I believe, makes a change in the smallest of things – which will inevitably become the biggest of things.

As a pioneer for Financial Transitions Planning in South Africa, I create a place for my clients to leave an enriched legacy; one that has a deeper sense of identity and purpose. This involves a transition of wisdom, integrity, honesty, growth, perseverance, excellence and courage - one that I have first taken myself. Sometimes these transitions are thrust upon us, and other times we have the rare occasion to choose them for ourselves.

My love for nature, art, music and traveling has equipped me with insight, inspiration and appreciation - all of which have given me a unique opportunity to enrich the lives of the people I meet.

Certified Financial Transitionists™ are specially trained to guide clients through life transitions using unique processes and tools that incorporate cutting-edge research in the areas of neuroscience, physiology, sociology and psychology regarding the human experience of major life change. The result is often a smoother transition and an easier path toward finding one’s new normal.

Financial advice should be a true collaboration of human beings.

When in transition we often struggle with communication, decision-making, managing expectations, and even implementation, and we require a different set of tools and protocols. We require a process that explores, integrates, and celebrates who we are as individual people.

To put it simply, we address and integrate the human dynamics of financial change.

I am a Certified Financial Planner®, partnered with Adviceworx.


Why we do what we do

We don’t do things the way they’ve always been done. We question, innovate, re-invent, assess, and always look for better ways of doing things. And we get results.

At Adviceworx, we believe in giving you the confidence to live. We believe in growing your money so that your life takes on meaning that is authentic to you, your family and your business.

Our Team

Our partnership provides you with access to a qualified team of advisory and investment specialists; specialists who have the expertise to design and manage strategic solutions directed to your growth objective.

This team-based approach provides you with a distinct multi-skilled advantage in building your unique portfolio.


Adviceworx is a juristic representative of Acsis Licence Group (FSP 33002) and an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP 44914)

How we do what we do

We Co-Create. We Strategise. We Integrate.


The first step in our process is a short call to learn more about each other. This is where we get a general idea of where you’re at and what’s on your mind. This is where we decide if we’re a good fit.


If we’ve both decided we’re a good fit, you will receive a simple checklist of what information to gather. We’ll get a clearer picture and understanding of your current personal and financial circumstances and dig into the questions that brought you to me in the first place.


You’ll love this process. This is where we map your life, your goals and overlay it with our expertise. A key aspect of successful financial growth is identifying what wealth means to you and articulating where you want to grow to.


Every aspect of your life, your wealth vision, goals and all key financial disciplines are crafted to grow within a single, personal plan. Our single-plan, single-view philosophy effectively brings your world together for growth. Innovative, best-practice processes, technology, people and advice, means that your plan is always relevant and strategically focused.


Our investment specialists design and manage our strategy solutions. Always with your required rate of return in mind so you are more likely to achieve success. I will be here to to guide you through all the required decisions along the way.


At this final navigation discussion, we will present what the future looks like for you. We will review our engagement and investment philosophy and finalise any pending action items. Saving time and staying the course is our focus.


Your service expectations, client communication preferences and how we should conduct future review meetings will be documented to ensure our partnership is clear and that our journey is aligned.
Being heard is so close to
being loved that for the
average person they are
almost indistinguishable.

- David Augsburger -

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